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Notes from 35 Years of Juggling

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***Early buzz for THROWING UP ***

Leif Pettersen’s book “Throwing Up- Notes from 35 Years of Juggling” adds yet another worthy gem to the subculture of the juggling world. This is a fascinating and accessible glimpse into one of the strangest, most obscure, and passionate communities no one knows about. Leif is on the outer edge of what is already a fringe activity- his duo juggling has been on my radar ever since I also dedicated my life to moving inanimate objects through space 35 years ago. Actually, the team of Duck and Cover has become legendary within the genre- synonymous with taking risks, and redefining success… not by counting how many tries it takes before nothing has fallen on the floor, but instead by celebrating the moment when everything ends up in their hands. This book gives a context for these small miracles. The ease of Leif’s smooth writing style is in stark contrast to the insane tricks he insists to attempt with his passing partner. This piece of literature is a refreshing tribute to the world of juggling, and much much less physically painful than what Leif usually shows us.

- Jay Gilligan, wold class juggler, and teacher

As a two time IJA team juggling Champion I can truly appreciate "Leif Pettersen’s new book “Throwing Up- Notes from 35 Years of Juggling.” From describing the crazy tricks Leif and his partner would throw at each other, to the trials and tribulations of competing and performing as a team, this book gives the reader an interesting insider’s view in to the world of duo juggling. It would be easy to drop the ball when discussing the minutia of the juggling experience, but Leif’s clever and witty writing style keeps the reader engaged and entertained as we experience his journey from newbie juggler to accomplished professional and competitor. There are many bumps and bruises incurred on the way to juggling mastery, and I recommend Leif’s book to those who share his passion for fighting through the pain of drops and disappointments to achieve their own personal brand of success of what it means to be “a juggler.”

-Dan Holzman, renowned juggler, comedian and world record holder